Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Ode to Autumn

One of my goals as a mother is to  nuture and honor my creative forces by trying to create something everyday, whether it be a craft, something our family needs, words, etc. I do cook everyday and I love to do so, but I am also trying to expand my "creative forces." I try to come up with fun little rhymes,songs, and stories for Sagee throughout the day. I think this will be a fun one to do with hand motions, as well as use some of our acorns, wooden squirrel, gnomes, and a candle.

The rain crashed down hard today
washing summer's warmth away

The air felt cool, filled with fresh smells
autumn is here, I shall tell

The sun is low, shimmering down
upon dwindling plants on the ground

Trees are blowing in the wind
happy autumn has come again

Worms are burrowing underground
squirrels hiding nuts all around

candles burning longer into the evening light
sun is lower, not as bright

the smell of chai fills our home
mama calls to the autumn gnomes

numbing toes, wool sweater time
I think autumn is quite divine

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