Monday, May 26, 2008

Devotions from a mamacita

I created this blog to try to create a space to embrace, internalize, and reflect, and act upon the utter simplicities or otherwise chaotic notions we seem to encounter every day in our lives. I wanted the word "Devotion" incorporated to define the act of writing these wonderful flecks down for sharing. Whether we choose to embrace them or toss them away is our choice, but being devoted to the process lends us to a greater power I believe.

1)"Hot mama", "sexy lady" in the U.S. and Central America and Mexico 1)Synomym of "SeƱorita"- "young lady" in South America. Polite, formal, not sexual. 1( taken from the Urban Dictionary,

Yes- I am a mama and a mamacita.

I believe somehow my path has lended me a great respect and attraction to the cultures of the South.(not the U.S). A thread of my journey has intertwined itself into my European Hienze 57 make up to also somehow include a twist of spark, color, and frenzy. I am a mamacita, as are many of the women I know.

Perhaps we are the ones that choose to follow our spirits and embrace the flow-whatever that may be. Strong, passioante, compassioante, sensitive, leaders, healers, lovers, teachers, and direct descendents of the divine goddess and god( takes 2, friends)...

So I want to know what folks are devoted to and the path that led you to your devotion.....was there any significant element or experience which caused you to become devoted to something in your world...religion, politics, family, a hobbie, a cause, a habit???

My devotion begins with my family. My family is there and sees me at my best and worst. They see me stumble and fly, sometimes both in one day. I am devoted to them because I NEVER thought that my path would lead me to them at the time when it did. I had a I venture into an area that I am unsure about, risking my future to change, devoting myself to the unknown or do I tread my path as I had planned,devoting myself to education and pursuing life's dreams?I was very young when Kaiden was born. I had barely been out of highschool. I wanted to travel the world, help indigenous people, SAVE the world!! Then suddenly, I had a choice to devote myself to something I knew (or thought) I knew very little about- being a mother. I visited the feeling many times when I first found out I was pregnant of what it would be like to be devoted to a child. Even in my wildest imagination I could not find the feeling. But it soon just came, like a warm place in my tummy and then I could not imagine going back. I got on the wave and am still riding it. Somehow, I just knew what was right for me and when I would mess up as mom (and still do), luckily it was about things I can laugh about. Kaiden was my first true family beyond my parents and close friends...He still will rest his head on my shoulder when we read together at night and once in a while, I'll look over and he will be asleep, his face not changed much from when he was an infant. Or at least from my perspective. Sequoia is also my family-more on him to come...

So I became devoted to him and everything I thought I was devoted to became even more important to me throughout the years. I wanted him to grow up knowing where things came from, how people in other places lived, that the walls of society did not extend into the Earthly wonders of the world. There are no bad people, just people who make bad choices. And for me, I have become even more aware and stronger and passioante about supporting the worthy causes of the world- buying local, living simply, eating organically, exploring my home and knowing what it looks like from the seat of a bike, the top of the mountain, or rolling in a field. As well, once ina great while, we venture beyond to explore other states with thier own unique offerings and later in the year, we will be off to Brazil!! What a wonderful opportunity to embrace the mamacita in myself while learning and exploring a new place with my best friend and devotee if you will......Cheers!

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Hey Mamacita........ you need to still be writing. That was lovely.