Monday, November 15, 2010


After not posting for over 2 years and accidentally stumbling upon my blog, I read, reflected, and decided that a more appropriate title was Mumacita. Why? It just came to me. Somehow Mumacita just fit and stuck. It's simple, inspiring, and fun. Plus, I have so many mummy related items I'd like to post in the next few months that I am ecstatic about embodying and embracing the mum in myself and my life. I recently gave birth to my second child, Sage Wilder Bowan. It has been amazing to once again have the opportunity to go through the whole birth process and to have a wee one who depends on me for everything. 10 years after the birth of Kaiden, I started over, I gave Re-birth! Mumacita is an ode to my RE-birth, and the continuing evolution of myself as a parent, wife, and human. My goal is to use this space for memories, reflection, inspiration, as well as creative and practical endeavors to share with other Mumacitas out there.

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