Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Run Run Rudolph

O.K- we all know the song....but yesterday I began to run, the first time since the birth of my son and my nose turned red, because it was so cold. My husband laughed at me when I returned after 20 minutes and urged me to venture back out for a while. He even said the baby looked like he was having fun. This is my husband trying to tell me that 20 minutes just won't do. I know he's probably right. Cringe.

This may be one of hundreds of times I "began" to run. The following through is the part that I have trouble with. In the beginning I am motivated, even excited at moments, but eventually, I let myself fall prey to other endeavors and forget about all the benefits and reasons I should be runnning. So this time after a chance facebook encounter with one of my all time best friends, we began together unknowingly, running that is, and decided to become eachother's running cheerleaders! It has only been 2 days but already we have provided eachother with tips, songs, and inspiration. Hopefully it works, and we continue to make running a habit, but if not, at least we will at least have new memories of the time we became cyber~running buddies! LOL.

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