Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sage's First Birthday

The Earth goes 'round the sun and Sagee is 1!
I cannot believe a year has gone by since the birth of my Sagee. I have watched him go from a little bundle of swaddled chub to a full on explorer, throwing himself down on the bed and giggling. Amazing. The fact that this year has literally flown by seems to be somehow saddening for me, as I can't help but think- what if this is it? What if no more babies? Maybe that was the last year I'll ever have an infant. I can honestly say, I appreciated almost every moment, even the ones where he was crying and I had no idea why and nothing seemed to be helping. That's what being a mama is all about- riding the wave, doing your best even if it seems like it isn't enough, giving every ounce of love possible, knowing that that moment is all you have, because soon enough a new one comes.

In preparations for Sage's party, I really wanted to make the day special for him to look back on someday since he wouldn't remember it. I crafted some homeade goodness to make his party truly "his". My first project was the ever adorable felted crown. I chose to hand sew it and not use the sewing machine, as it felt importnant to me to use my body to create this piece, to honor the gift of creation, much like my body made, nourished, and birthed my son without any plug in interventions. I chose to put a # 1 in the middle for his age and surrounded the crown with symbols that were significant to his first year: A music note, because he loves to play instruments and dance. A Mountain, since he got to travel to the mountains many times throughout the seasons and partake in their offerings (snow, water, wildflowers, dirt etc.), water drops, since he was born during a storm in the water and continued to love water, swimming, and puddle play during his first year. Lastly, a mushroom, because he is a forest child with mischeif making in his spirit and the mushroom reminds me of the little gnomes frolicking in the forest. I just cut out the shapes and used embroidery floss to sew on the symbols. I then outlined the top and sides with ric-rac, for a vintage feel, since I like things that remind me of older times.
I plan on continuing to make a crown for him every year and look forward to his input at later years on what symbols he wants on his crown.

I also made a banner using trendy fabrics and markers and hung photos from his first year on it.....it turned out somehow imperfectly nostalgic!
I made yummy carrot cupcakes and agave cream cheese frosting which turned out just delightful also. We topped his with a rainbow candle. Sage LOVED his first cupcake ever!

Of course, there was a torrential down pour, but there was a happiness among guests and birthday boy that emanated and proved we are adaptable. When there is a celebration to be had, nothing can really stand in the way of life's happiness. That is Sage's lesson to the world for year #1- happiness can be found anywhere...he is my little child of light, my sunshine! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGE!

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